Age of Worms

An Elven Wizard seeks our talents and abilities....

We begin to investigate the Whispering Cairn

We have returned to the Diamond Lake to look for temporary lodging for Lilya Haldenfrond before we bring her back to her father in the town of Blackstone. We are chatting it up with Lilya in the Able Coaching Carter Inn with her becoming insistent on remaining in Diamond Lake. As I’m talking her eyes turn a green color and after I noticed this in man approaches us. This man that approached asks Lilya where have you been? I’m here on the behest of one of the mine owners. The Man offers to return her to her father black lake in a few days. She explains is fine here will return when she feels like it. I interject, “I will return her to the safety of her father in black lake.” The man says now that I’m here I want to see the freak show in The Emporium, I hear there’s a lot of strange oddities. Another attractive, sleek and confident elf woman wearing a red brooch announces a challenge of a game of darts. Zeph accepts her test though he admits his skill with thrown weapons is lacking. The game ends swiftly after only one round with only the elf striking the target. The gnome and another patron hand over some coinage and she quips, “Thanks for the gold”. She is good natured about it and Zeph convinces her to buy him a drink. The elf explains their mission in the area is to search the Stirges Cairn. She has brought her two companions, one a wizard and the other the champion of the Games from the Free City to seek out the treasures with this cairn. Tirra insists that they are going to search in the area she mentioned. We explain to that elf there is danger that awaits. We fought undead that appear ghostly along with a plant type creature that has vines that reach out and attack. Zeph tries to save them some time and relays the folly of their actions in searching an already empty location.
Lilya reluctantly agrees to return to her homestead in the morning and retires to her room upstairs. I try and keep a watchful eye on Lilya’s whereabouts while Zeph parlays with some gnome tourists offering to trade his bottle of fine brandy for gems. As Zeph leaves, Kullen chuckles, “knife throwing midget.” He then departs Zeph the inn to barter some of the treasure with his gnome friend while I watch over the fair maiden. I inform Zeph of a Bronze Wood Lodge note asking us to meet at the old mining office just outside of town. The note appears to have been sent by another elven friend Sherwood. I approach my boss the mine owner and asked if I may borrow two horses. “I will loan you the horses because it may bode well for me, returning a mine owner’s daughter to her father.” I returned to the end with the forces to discover that Lilya has disappeared. I search her room but she is nowhere to be found to ask the bartender if he saw her leave. He claims to not seen her leave so the gnome and I search the room clues. Search her room to no avail and the room appears neat and tidy. Zeph says, “Let’s go find Sherwood since we haven’t found anything”. I begin to ask around town and everyone claims the she has not been seen. We go back to the inn running into Hung Lo, an Earth Bender from the Bronze Wood Lodge. He claims our mutual friend, Sherwood, summoned him to meet at an old mining office just outside of town. I’m familiar with it and as far as I know it’s been abandoned for years. So Hung Lo, Zeph and myself depart the end to meet Sherwood. We find the old office in a state of disrepair with weeds choking out the area in the front of the office yard. I know that this has not always been abandoned and we have found goblins and bandits inside in the past. Zeph sneaks into the front yard and peers in a window near the door which is nearly off its hinges the porch is also in this repair and is partially collapsed. The gnome gives us that the signal that enemies await inside and I observe him drawing is sword. Hung Lo turns to me and says, “This is what I wanted to be doing at 6 o’clock in the morning”. Zeph yells out, “goblins!” I moved to flank the door and Hung Lo readies for combat. The goblins charge through the door onto the porch. The Earth Bender lets loose a missile, but it strikes a post on the left side of the porch. The gnome blasts them with a fireball as they stand by the door. The goblins are engulfed by the fireball and smoke wafts off of their bodies as they appear to be severely injured. I charge the goblins and hack one causing him to collapse to the ground lifeless. The Earth Bender fires a second missile and this one meets its mark striking the goblin in the lower abdomen, while gnome drops a third one with his short sword. The last one is felled by my bastard sword. The Bender walks over to study the dead goblins and says, “you guys don’t play around!” “That fireball was no joke!” We enter the office and we find grime and garbage littering the interior. The air is stale and dust floats as sunlight penetrates the darkness. We notice a circle on the floor and some type of cards, maybe playing cards and it must be a summoning circle. In front of us are double doors one being off of its hinge. Zeph claims that he hears something and he begins to sneak into what appears to be a dining room. Sitting in the northeast corner sits a cloaked figure begins clapping saying, “an impressive display”. He further states that he’s glad to see we are prompt. The gnome asked him what he’s doing there in a cloaked man says that I’m waiting for you. So then the gnome asked why do you want us here? Man explains that he’s in need of adventurers but had to test us to be sure we are worthy of his mission. He says it’s thinking here let’s go out in the into the sun. The cloaks hood mostly hides his face as we stroll out into the sunlight. As we walk outside another man approaches wearing armor equipped with a shield and sword. I am able to recognize him as a priest of St. Cuthbert from Diamond Lake. He proceeds to question me and asks, “Mordecai why did you want me out here?” The man chuckles and removes his hood revealing a very attractive grey elf. He must have used his magical abilities to gather us together. The elf says, “Listen I can tell you all that’s going on but some bad shit is going on in these parts.” I would like you guys do me a favor and head over to the Whispering Cairn. The priest, who calls himself Gregorn, explains that he’s out for adventure and better the cause of St. Cuthbert.
Our newly formed group departs for the Whispering Cairn some 10 miles away ready for whatever awaits us. We arrive finding a naturally lit hallway leading into darkness with a thin coat of dust covering the floor. The walls are adorned simple geometric patterns. The walls show signs of weapon damage or perhaps being worn on the passage of many years. The cleric casts glow upon his weapon allowing us to view inside the tombs darkness. We travel deeper into the darkness discovering a moldy robe in an alcove. Study the Eastern alcove finding is a marble pedestal missing whatever was placed on top the work of tomb robbers most likely. We move further down the hallway looking to more alcoves went to the east to the west. We look into the Western alcove seeing what appears to be a small white marble platform raised about 3 feet of floor. A strange arcane shattered apparatus rests upon its top its curved oval frame gives the appearance of a mirror. An arcane glyph is carved into the base of the platform in the gnome steps up two study the strange symbol happening upon some shards of black rock that feels cold to the touch. Zeph studies the glyph and the others that surround it within the room deducing that it is some kind of transportation device. I assist the gnome and identify some of the glyphs as naming individuals. The gnome believes these black shards of rock may be worth something. As we depart the alcove we notice a flickering green light deeper into the main hallway. The other alcove is blocked off by collapsed ceiling that looks as if it would take weeks to dig through. The central hallway leads us into an area where wolves advance to attack. I am the only one that notices and I’m able to confuse them with my magical talent of colored dancing lights. The wolves charge the gnome snapping and biting at him and manage trip him. Hung Lo launches a missile hitting one of the wolves in the leg. I Summon magical power to my bastard sword straight down the wounded wolf. Gregorn attacks a wolf striking him with his trusty mace. The Earth Bender finishes off the second wounded wolf with another missile. I eliminate the third wolf with an arcane strike from my bastard sword. We travel to the east searching the wolves den finding a variety of bones including that of human. Cleric discovers an old backpack among scattered bones and wolf dung. Inside we discover a lantern with indigo glass panes. On the opposite wall we discover and Elven armband with an intricately carved design. I find a marble index finger broken off of a statue. We move into the Western wing of the large central room and see a large Dias with seven narrow hallways traveling out from the central point. The chain dangles at the end of each hallway and each chain bears a colored lantern and the colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. We enter a hallway as an offshoot of the main room moving away large amounts of cobwebs. The gnome halts us and we step back as he fireballs the remaining cobwebs that had hundreds harmless spiders. Moving in we descend into a circular room with seven short hallways ending in a circular area. At the end of each bears a chain within 5 of the hallways hangs lanterns with one a glowing green light. Above is a dome set with metal and glass shards that uses the light to depict starlight and falling snow.


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