Age of Worms

Brown Mold is so chilly....

that causes more than just hard nipples!!!!

Center to the room and upon the Dais is a stone sarcophagus with a lid that portrays a human. Before we further explore, HUNG LO, asks that we move outside the tomb to await Sherwood and his companions. We resume our exploration bringing an additional three adventurers: Sherwood, Anna and Estaban. The first investigate the sarcophagus top portion portrays a hairless sexless humanoid of 7 feet tall dressed in a toga. The left hand is curled in a fist and the right hand is palm face up around its neck scarab amulet of Zosiel. The gnome further explains that it is a powerful elemental entity. The dais has the shape of an arrow without hesitation Hung Lo rotates it clockwise as a clicks into place and we hear a great rumbling below. Estaban enters into a man sized cylinder at the end of the yellow lantern hallway. As he enters the cylinder immediately descends to the unknown below. We rotate the dais the blue lanterned hallway but nothing happens so we rotate it to the indigo hallway. The gnome enters the short passage to investigate only to find a skeleton for a long ago deceased human. Not much happens with the other colors so that we decide to investigate further into the lower chamber of the yellow corridor. Down below in the chamber ahead lies a large slab of stone with a small opening atop leading to another chamber. The gnome gets a boost from the elf me scampers over the stone obstacle into the adjoining room. The Earth Bender reduces the size of the stone wall, but before we realize the gnome is being assaulted by a creature trying to strangle him. The remainder the party climbs over to see the gnome giving the creature a golden shower. We discover alcoves that line each wall and within them are statues of humanoids with cupped hands. We continue down the hallway and in the air there is a chill as the temperature begins to drop. No sooner had we felt the chill when three more of creatures that look more like a bola, but instead of weights there is a large eye at each end. Anna jabs one in an eye while I cut another down with a mighty swing of my bastard sword. Zeph must have been struck by some kind of magic and begins running from whence he came. Anna kills the one that was trying to choke her with a well-placed thrust of her rapier. Combined attacks from Sherwood and I kill the last creature. After waiting a few minutes for Zeph to return from his fear, we resume our movements entering a large room with archways to the north as well as the south. As we begin to into the room, the cold intensifies and we observe a large patch of brown mold obviously the source of the arctic like temperature. The mage decides to blast some of the mold after taking damage from it. The fireball appears to have no affected whatsoever on the brown stuff and in fact it doubles in size. Zeph takes additional damage because of its proximity to the mold which nearly surrounds him. Hung lo and Esteban also feel pain from the intense cold because of its now doubled size. Hung lo discovers two niches within a centrally located large stone slab. Esteban searches one of the niches and finds the crushed skeleton along with a backpack. Within the backpack he finds little statues that he thinks are worth money. He also finds goggles of minute seeing a wand of earth among the crushed skeletal bones. Esteban attacks with no affect; he then takes some orange liquid spilled onto the floor with the same result. I fire a missile that seems not to harm it. Finally Zeph uses two acid fireballs and mostly eliminates the chilly threat allowing us to move into the northern area. The room to the north of appears to be a workshop containing statues as well as workbenches. Among the stuff is a large egg made of stone marked with symbols. Hung lo identifies the symbol is coming from the Prince elemental evil. Hung lo says aloud, “This is bad juju.” Zeph inspects the staff which contains six grooves and appears to be segmented and able to be broken into seven pieces. Its fine workmanship will most likely allow it to be used as a masterwork staff. Zeph believes this to be modeled after the legendary seven segmented magic rod. So he and hung lo now believe that before time elementals battled the Wolf Spider Demon. We leave the stone egg behind to retrieve later move into the southern room to investigate. This room appears to be a living quarters of important figure with a statue placed against the wall depicting a balding man with outstretched hands. Against the East wall is a thin slab with swirling air above it and upon for letter further inspection appears to be a bed. It must have some kind of magic upon it because when Zeph approached he felt sleepy. We return to the sculptor’s workshop to retrieve the stone egg. Esteban smacks the egg with his mace and it animates into a small creature earth and stone glowing gemstone eyes. Anna fires an arrow that breaks upon impact on the stony creature. I attack using arcane strike with my bastard sword but it seems to only damage it stone like outer shell. Hung lo informs the party at the stony creature is immune to non-magical attacks. Zeph touches the creature injecting it with a magical missile and disrupting its form. Esteban looks in his backpack in search of something that may damage this creature. Hung Lo fires a boulder in a missile like attack at the creature causing it damage. Zeph touches the creature in a surge of energy that damages the outer shell of the stone monster. Again I attack using arcane strike that seems to finally damage the creature; meanwhile most of the party remains bystanders. Zeph and I continue to pummel the stone creature and after a few attacks Hung Lo decides to join the fray and ultimately the creature is destroyed by us as a trio. We return to sleep in the sleeping quarter that offers Zeph a promise of restful sleep. He is in the greatest need of recovery of his magical talents. After waking we ascend returning to the main chamber and prepare to investigate another of the colored hallways.


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