Age of Worms

Diamond Lake is now a hostile town!!!!!

Ambushed from the shadows!!!

After much discussion, the group decides to return Alastors families’ bones to their proper resting place. Without delay we revisit the Whispering Cairn traveling until we arrive upon the location of Alastors once tormented spirit and as he had promised the heavy door was now unlocked. We go into a large circular chamber with swirling mist at its center. We all stare somewhat perplexed at the swirling vortex of air and I ask the Earth Bender if he has any clue as to what this may possibly be. He turns and responds, “I am an Earth Bender not an Air Bender”. Covering more than half circular chamber are murals of a great battle scene of long ago. One of the scenes shows the seven section rod being raised above an Avanti leader’s head and being separated into each individual part. The party crosses the short causeway with Esteban leading the way to the centrally located column of air. Hung Lo moves to further investigate the column inserting his hand just to discover something hostile within the column. He is accosted by two Wind Dukes who look like two armored warriors wielding 2 long swords. Anna pushes to the front thrusting into the column damaging one of wind warriors. Sherwood releases an arrow from his longbow only to see it bounce off the other Duke. I use my talent to envelop the Earth Bender with magical armor. With newly minted confidence the earth Bender summoned a missile of stone but it flies wide left of the warriors. Esteban attacks quickly becoming frustrated as his non magical short sword inflicts no damage. The Wind Dukes show their prowess in combat each conflicting wounds upon Hung Lo and Esteban. Another graceful attack by Anna inflicts additional damage to these tomb guardians. Hung Lo continues to be pummeled and I heal his wounds which allow him to remain in the fight. Esteban skillfully disarms one of the Wind Dukes and we watch the long sword crumble to dust a few inches from the warrior’s hand. Continuing to show her competence Anna destroys the other warrior with her magical short sword and it too ages a thousand years in the matter of one second then crumbling into nothingness. The Earth Bender uses his stone boxing gloves to pummel the remaining warrior but with no noticeable effect. Esteban endures another strike from the Wind Duke long sword causing severe wounds. I quickly react to Estebans profuse bleeding lying a healing hand upon his wounds and restoring most of his health. A combination of magical weapon attacks from Anna and me finally obliterates the remaining construct. If you take a brief moment to regain her composure, the Earth Bender points to the column, “I think this is some sort of lifting device that will bring us to a higher level in the tomb.” We all step into the column of air and are transported to a small upper room where we observe to our south a set of three short stairs leading to a white marble sarcophagus identical to the one in the room with the colored lanterns. Behind the sarcophagus is a raised carving upon the wall which depicts the same man that appears on the sarcophagus lid and a cloaked daemonic figure using a handle the loop to control a darkest black orb about 2 feet in diameter. Hung Lo steps upon the top step and a voice booms, “speak my name!” After a few seconds of hesitation, Hung Lo utters," Zosiel?" and a brilliant blue light shines around the sarcophagus lid. After a few seconds the light fades revealing a seam between the lid and the rest the sarcophagus. Inside the sarcophagus we find two ornamental black horns with red tips along with a few magical items namely a Circlet of Will and a Talisman of the Sphere and 500 ancient gold coins. After handling the circlet for a few moments Sherwood has a sense of dormant powers within the item. We make our way out of the Whispering Cairn into a glorious spring day.
As the sun begins to leave its peak, we enter our so-called diamond by the lake. I wave my hand motioning to the group to follow me into Tidwoad’s establishment. I quickly bargain away the two ornamental black horns pocketing 50 gold for the pair. A few of the group complain about the monetary result but I remind them that this gnome only truly values gems and jewelry. After leaving the gnome business we encounter Khellek who looking at Hung Lo says, “Revelation comes in darkness.” He looks at Hung Lo seeming to study his armor and then repeats the same statement to Sherwood and just walks on looking over his shoulder after failing to get the proper response from either adventurer. I share with the group my curiosity with a small bottled green worm recommending we bring it to Alaston to scrutinize and the rest of the party agrees so we stroll over to his residence. Before we arrive Anna and Esteban detect a hooded figure that seems to mirror our movements. Anna breaks off from the group in an attempt to follow the unknown person shadowing our group. After a minute of knocking Alaston opens his front door and immediately quips, “Where have you assholes been?” He then says, “Where’s the chick?” Esteban quickly responds, “She’s around…. She’ll be here.” I say, “You know about her mother… right?” He says in a matter of fact way, “Oh yeah.” I comment, “Then you know what she’s doing.” The Earth Bender claims, “She is using the water closet.” We hand over the green worm contained within a jar to his eager awaiting hand. He says, “Well let me study this worm.” I then ask him, “Do you know where we can find more of these?” With curiosity he states, “Why are you guys going fishing?” Continuing further he says, “Well I have an idea.” I hand over the letter from Smenk and he looks up to say, “We got these things running around in the hills?…. Great!” Alaston goes on to say, “It is probably a Spawn of Kyuss.” He adds a question, “You killed this necromancer from the free city?” I calmly respond, “Yeah.” “All right,” he says, “Why don’t you guys give me 24 hours to investigate this cult?” After bidding the sage a fond farewell, we return to the Feral Dog with Anna entering only a short time later. Over a few pints of ale(I did not partake), Anna tells us that she was able to follow the mysterious individual wearing a dark cloak, but lost him after he turned away from the Feral Dog has the rest of the party entered the building. A few hours later we are trying to make our way to the Able Coach Inn when we are ambushed by five assassins and a wizard. Without warning we are fired upon by crossbow men with all of their projectiles finding their mark. From an unknown location the wizard causes the entire party to be confused. We are now able to see five assassins dropping crossbows and unsheathing daggers as well as a cloaked figure positioned near a large sized tree. Without hesitation Anna moves and engages one of the rogues immediately scoring a critical hit. Sherwood takes careful aim letting loose an arrow that strikes true. I charge the cloaked figure but in my confused state I am unable to strike my foe. Hung Lo blasts one of our would be assassins with a projectile of stone rendering him unconscious. The cloaked figure disappears right before our eyes which can only be a talent that is among his special abilities. Unfortunately Esteban succumbs to the poison further causing him to feel the burden of great fatigue. Streaking out of nowhere in the vicinity of the tree fly missiles that strike Hung Lo causing severe wounds. The assassin in melee with Sherwood attempts to flee the scene but he succumbs to the wound caused by the Ranger’s arrow. The stealthy wizard inflicts more damage with his powerful missiles severely wounding Hung Lo even causing him to stagger momentarily. Seeing his and Anna’s plight I use my talents to close their wounds. We gang up on the remaining assassin killing him in a matter of seconds with some well-placed swings and thrusts of our weapons. And we can only assume that the invisible wizard retreated from the battlefield. After the harrowing experience we enter the Able Coach Inn with the smells of sweat and strenuous combat. I climb the stair entering my room and still fully clothed I answer the call of my bed.


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