Age of Worms

Filge was up to no good!!!

He was playing with corpses, body parts and green worms

Before setting out to investigate the observatory, group has over to the church of St. Cuthbert. I gather up all the money we have to invest in of healing. In the church alone because we believe that I can secure the best deal on any purchase that might be made. Zeph takes off for the bar straightaway. I enter the church and ask the priest on duty about the purchase of healing potions. Instead I locate the priest I had dealings with before whose name was Haminzear. First he asked me about my attendance at the weekly masses to which I have been faithful. My true devotion secures my 50% discount for the purchases that I will make because they now consider me a member of the flock. After I make my purchase, I briefly speak with Gregern who explains that they saw no justification in reviving the two thugs we dropped off upon the church steps. Gregern offers his accompaniment in our mission investigate the old observatory. I declined his generous offer reminding him that we were able to eliminate Kullen and his crew. As I step toward the door, Gregern asks if I plan to give you those potions to the gnome or to the whore. I don’t answer them directly, but offer my attempts to bring them both to daily services. Gergern says, “Don’t bother with the gnome”. I depart the church with an arm full of 6 potions and 10 scrolls and with empty pockets. Shortly afterward I arrived at the Feral Dog at which time Zeph informs me of the Sheriff’s visit. He says that the Sheriff gave an indirect warning.
Looking up I can see that the old observatory was once a prominent building within the town limits. The years have taken their toll and the building appears to be in need of repairs. A slim stairway leads to the structures only door and flickering lights appear through the few windows of the observatory. The gnome moves ahead of us searching traps as he ascends the stairs he reaches a wide landing. The door to the structure forms a moon with a lunatics jabbering face. The gnome motions us up to the landing points below the landing to unremarkable door to a possible tool or storage shed. Surprised Zeph moves to the door and finds it locked. Out comes the gnome’s thieving tools and he ever so easily opens the locking mechanism. The gnome is quickly accosted by some type of undead zombie of miniature size sporting a massive tangled hair and rotting teeth. These undead appear to float above the ground as a means of movement. Anna moves up to the landing engages the little monsters. I fire magic missiles, striking two while the other manages to dodge, the two hit drop to the ground smoking and motionless. The remaining zombie continues gnawing on the gnome. Zeph lunges and stabs the undead but it appears unharmed. I launch another magic missile and again he dodges the attack. Anna his magical short sword to destroy the remaining zombie. The gnome checks the door a second time for traps and finds nothing. He then shows his skill quickly disengaging the lock and yanking the door open. A volley of crossbow bolts sail past us with three the projectiles lodging in the door. Zeph unleashes a fireball that engulfs the entire room damaging all six skeletons. I charge in finishing off one skeletons along the west wall. Anna engages those skeletons closest to the door with her initial attack being unsuccessful. The gnome steps into the room destroying the 3 bugbear skeletons closest to the door. Step to the left and with a crackling energy from my imbued bastard sword I arcane strike destroying a second skeleton. Skeleton fires his crossbow at point-blank range with quick reflexes I dodge the projectile. The gnome quick draws his crossbow and fires, but it goes wide ricocheting off the stone wall. Anna skillfully jabs the remaining skeleton in the eye socket as her sword protrudes from the back of its skull. As part of our mission, we gather the bones of the humans so we might return them to the proper resting place. We search the room finding only mundane weapons on the skeletons. The gnome does retrieve a single crossbow bolt coated with centipede poison which he notches into place along the rail of his crossbow. We move from their entering a door to the North discovering for plain bedrooms like those of a servant. Hidden behind a dresser in the north east room the gnome liberates a small bag containing six platinum pieces and five gold pieces. In a short southern hallway there is a door on the western wall but it seems to be stuck. Anna uses force to loosen the jammed door. The room appears to be an old office and we find nothing of interest. The only remaining door can be found on the western end of the main hallway. I open the door and charge inside only to be assaulted by the stench of rotting flesh. Central to the room is a long table with 10 chairs situated around it and to the North is a flight of stairs leading upward under the stair is a door and behind possibly a closet. To the South are two doors leading to pantry and a kitchen. Upon closer inspection the long table contains the bodies of nine humanoids in varying states of decomposition sitting midway through the great feast. The gnome is over to the table and pushes one of the zombies and it animates to a stance and then back into a sitting position. Ascending the stairs we enter into a large bedchamber noticeable in the eastern part of the room appears to be the mummified corpse of a goblin dressed in butler attire atop her head is that of a top hat and in his outstretched hand is a silver platter upon it rests the severed head of a middle-aged woman platinum piece sits upon her outstretched purple tongue. The opposite end of the room can be seen as a desk piled with papers and apparatus holding for long tubes peeks out from the clutter. In the Northwest wall is a massive statue of an inhuman man holding a long sword in one hand and cradling a harp in the other etched upon the base is a single word: Filge. The gnome unable to resist snatches up the platinum piece that rests upon the purple tongue. Immediately the severed head begins to scream, “intruders, intruders, intruders!” The gnome casually takes the silver tray and stuffs it into his backpack with some of the other items we’ve gathered while in this building. Most of the papers give details of how to enhance undead and the remainder tell the tale of a man sinking deeper into madness. The apparatus upon the desk contains four vials of strange liquids. We also locate the note written by Smenk summoning the necromancer to Diamond Lake. In preparation I cast shell upon us giving us increased protection in the form of magical armor. I charge up the stairs to what we believe will contain the necromancer and some of his minions. Top floor is covered by one room light filters through a wide slit in the roof and mirrors reflect the light into the center of the chamber where there is a recessed operating chamber where the beams of light center upon operating table containing blue skinned humanoid figure with the chest completely open and pinned back with long needles. Two long shelves are cluttered with papers, rotting organs and instruments are nearby the table. Four large containers each large enough to contain a human body flank both sets of short stairs that lead down into the operating chamber. Each tank contains a yellow liquid with a humanoid body bobbing about the soupy liquid. Four bugbear zombies guard the necromancer who is standing with a small animated skeleton armed with a crossbow down in the operating room. Anna moves and engages the closest bugbear zombie with her magical short sword. Zeph uses his talents to boost the damage of our main weapons. I gang up on the zombie that was struck by Anna’s sword, but it fails to incapacitate the monster. The zombies attack in mass hitting Anna and Zeph with their great clubs. Filge fires multiple dark and wispy missiles that miss. Anna finishes off the zombie we had previously engaged. The gnome quick draws his wand hitting the two zombies that are assaulting him but without effect. I channel energy into my bastard sword and strike down another zombie. Filge successfully hits three of us with a powerful volley of dark magic missiles and we are all sent reeling from the powerful strike. Anna strides over and strikes the small skeleton with a mighty thrust. Zeph blasts both bugbear zombies that are assaulting him with magic missiles. I run over to the necromancer and channel a confuse spell into my weapon striking him in the abdomen although he does not appear to be affected by the spell. Skeleton fires point-blank at Anna but the shot flies just past her left ear. Both bugbear zombies bludgeon the gnome with their great clubs luckily his magical armor deflects most of the damage. The necromancer targets me and I flee because of a feeling of dread. Anna finishes off the small skeleton with a strike from her long sword. The gnome strikes both zombies with powerful magic missiles dropping them to the wooden floor. After what seemed like an eternity of running I overcome my fear and return to the third floor of the observatory. I happen upon my companions holding drawn weapons on the necromancer as the interrogate him. Zeph sheaths his short sword and manacles his hands behind his back. We begin our interrogation of Filge asking about the green worm floating in murky fluid within the sealed tube. He says that the green worm came from a laboratory in the Dower Stone Mine dead now of course but it along with hundreds with them about the body of an undead creature called a Spawn of Kyuss. He further explains that these must be the unkillable zombies occultists mentioned to Smenk. Those worms can be a real problem as they can get inside you and then turn you undead within a day. Smenk summoned me from the free city to research some weird stuff going on in town including a cult called the Ebon Triad. The cult mentioned the presence of strange undead in swamps to the south and the age of worms. Filge continues giving more details about Kyuss who appeared about 1,000 years ago who created dozens of undead creatures bound to his will. They said an undead dragon stood by his side. Filge goes on to say that Smenk is a bad man, a cutthroat and a thief. Smenk even brought Mr. Dower Stone to meet this underground hooded cult. This cult follows the likes of: Hextor, Erythnul and Vecna and if this is true the place is crawling with secrets and I would love to travel with you to investigate the area below Diamond Lake. Knowing he is pure evil I draw my arm fully back and strike him nearly severing his head from his body. We gather all the treasure we collected and depart the old observatory. We should consider using the building as a base of operations


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