Age of Worms

Lovely singing, but a hideous appearance!!!!

Such Charm!!!

• It is around 1300 hours, Zeph and I are hangin at the Feral Dog and wouldn’t you know it an old acquaintance walks through the doors. It is Sherwood of the Bronzewood Lodge. Sherwood is an elf of true character and skilled with a bow and sword. With only a quick hello, he explains a dire situation that needs our attention. Bandits have taken a local girl and she is a daughter of a wealthy merchant. He believes the bandits have a hideout and have the captive at that location. I tell Sherwood let us waste on time…she is in need of our assistance. We are traveling in a southwesterly direction following the trail. After a day we set up camp along the wood line of the trail. The night passes uneventful and we wake to the morning sun poking through the springtime buds of the oak and maple trees.
• A hour or so elapses when we become aware of some talking ahead of us to the southeast. Zeph slips into the underbrush to sneak upon the creatures. Zeph opens fire blasting three bandit types and a creature that looks like a large ostrich with an over-sized beak. One bandit yells to another, “I told you something was out there!” The large ostrich type creature just turns and flees the melee. I shield bash one and knock him off his feet. Sherwood drops one with an arrow into his neck and the remaining two enemy surrender. After some interrogation we learn of the bandit hideout and that the girl is indeed being held hostage. I tie the remaining two bandits to a tree and leave them with four gold, but Zeph relieves them of their remaining gear and money.
• Our trio returns to the trail with Zeph sneaking about 30 feet ahead of us. We halt our advance because Zeph discovers a clearing with a group of buildings around it. Zeph uses his quick action to avoid a pit trap just before the clearing. Zeph motions us to advance and he continues toward the building with a tree growing out of it. We hear a sweet song coming from the building with both Sherwood and Zeph following the music seemingly charmed. I charge into the building to see an ugly winged woman singing and my companions along with four bandits walking toward her. I fire a missile striking her in the shoulder and she responds by flying down and attacking me unsuccessfully. I swing and cut deep into her hip and she retreats to an upper branch of the tree growing out of the building. She tries to talk her way out of the deadly situation telling us that the girl is in the building next to the one we are presently located. I have no intention of aligning myself with an evil creature, but follow her suggestion and attack a charmed bandit slaying him. She swoops down and joins me in the attack. My companions snap out of their charmed trance to see me and an ugly winged woman battling some bandits. As my friends join in our combat against the bandits…I turn and fire a magic missile killing the ugly female beast dropping her from her hovering stance. She deserved no less than death as a truly evil creature. Now that I killed the seemingly friendly winged creature, Zeph displays a confused look. Now that we return to combat as a trio, we make short work of the remaining bandits.
• We locate the kidnapped young woman and she implores us to retrieve her personal belongings. We escort her to the building where the melee took place so she may be safe while the three of us go to gather her stuff.
• Zeph sneaks ahead moving toward the largest of the buildings unable to avoid a bunch of marbles placed along the stairs as a trap. After Zeph is initially caught by surprise at the building’s entrance, he uses his magical prowess along with our fighting skill to kill the remaining bandits.


MercutioR13 gijoe

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