Age of Worms

Our group lacks social skills....

which often causes trouble for all those involved!!!!

We return to Diamond Lake proper so that Zeph may reequip himself with armor, besides the group is really tired of looking at his little member. Perhaps gnomes are not fully grown at the age of 65 years. Zeph also needs to rest so that he may allow full recovery of his magical talents. Hong Lo feels the need to check in at the Bronze Wood Lodge. After purchasing new armor the gnome returns to his favorite fence to trade in some treasure that we have acquired from the Whispering Cairn. The gnome meets me at the feral dog and hands me 70 gold pieces as my cut of the party treasure. Zeph and I decide to check in with our boss, Chaum Gansworth. Immediately he sternly asks us where we have been over these past few days. He read phrases his question, “where have you guys been?”Zeph dryly states, “We were assisting Allustan with a few side jobs.” “Allustan?….what?” He goes on, “You guys should check in.” He continues, “There might be shit for you to do!” He then looks down at the gnome, “What’s that….new armor?…you motherfucker!” With a puzzled look he says, “What have you guys been doing?” In response the gnome gives him the customary two week notice. I do no such thing, but just stand idly ignoring our boss and instead begin to ponder our future adventures together. Chaum goes on to say, “The shit is getting weird around here!” The gnome asks, “How is it getting weird around here?” Our boss explains, “I don’t know….Smenk has been acting a little bit weirder than Smenk.” He continues, “The albino half-orc and his associates have moved one of Smenks associates into the old observatory just outside of town.” We depart the presence of the gnome’s former boss. We then go to Allustan and inform him of what we’ve discovered in the Whispering Cairn. He tells us that he will further research things we’ve encountered within the cairn. Allustan also informs us of a stranger in town that often walks around town fully cloaked. He further goes on to say that the mysterious stranger is frequenting the Feral Dog on occasion. We return to the gnome’s favorite watering hole as the patrons immediately take notice of the gnome readily throwing around money as well as his wearing newly crafted studded leather armor.
So around the time when the sun is at its highest peak our party meets at the Feral Dog. As we enter the Feral Dog, Zeph points out that the half-orc gave me an extra dirty look. The gnome and I just brush it off as jealousy because of our new found wealth. The gnome shows off his Whispering Cairn treasure to the elf and her crew who came up empty in their quest for riches within the cairn they had explored. Tirra notices Hung Lo’s red leather armor that sports a seeker symbol upon the chest. She seems surprised and wonders aloud, why would they send out multiple the seeker groups to investigate the cairns. Tirra says, “Khellek is going to be pissed!” Hung Lo and I respond almost in unison, “Why is he going to be pissed?” Tirra in a raised tone says, “Why are there more seekers here…. Did you check in with him?” As we are leaving the Feral Dog we see a cloaked figure talking with the bartender. The group then departs for the farm to the east to return the bones of Alastor. About 10 minutes east of Diamond Lake we begin our approach to the farm and quickly spy a copse of immense Deklo trees. Near the trees is the ruins of what once must have been Alastor’s home and located nearby are five grave markers each with different names. Upon the parties approach to the grave markers can be seen overturned dirt that has very recently been removed along with two shovels. Based on what I observe on the grave markers most of the family had died about 19 years ago of the red death plague. Hung Lo gives us a better estimate of when the graves were disturbed and suggests less than two weeks since the graves have been overturned. I tease the Earth Bender calling him, “the Dirt Whisper”. With a search of the area, we are able to identify tracks of a wheelbarrow leading toward downtown Diamond Lake. We also see the tracks of five booted humanoids moving about the graves then their tracks go off into the remains of the farmhouse but only four leave the building. The gnome takes a peek into the dilapidated building and discovers an arm and blood immediately inside. The gnome continues into the building using stealth and shortly thereafter returns to describe the creature he discovered within. The beast looks like a cross between owl and the bear that appears to be very angry. We retrieve the arm and upon further inspection discover a tattoo like that found on Kullen’s forehead. The group discusses and decides not to disturb the owl bear in its lair. We return to Diamond Lake carrying bloody stump of an arm and enter the Feral Dog to have a discussion with the half-orc and his crew. The Earth Bender approaches Kullen but before he can speak, the half-orc asks, “What the Fuck do you want?” Hung Lo says, “We want to ask you some questions”. Anna follows, “We just want to buy you some drinks”. Hung Lo reiterates his previous statement," We just want to ask you some questions". He then slams bloody arm on the table asking, “Who’s arm is this anyway?” Kullen responds, “What information are you seeking?… Information is costly in these parts”. The gnome and asks him," Why were you at the Homestead?" Kullen quickly responds, “This discussion needs to stop or you guys are going to get hurt”. Kullen and his crew stand and draw their weapons saying, “You’ve worn out your welcome!” Anna steps toward them and swings hitting the man fighting with two long swords. Zeph fires multiple missiles striking all four enemy combatants. I weave my magic confusing two of the enemy while the Earth Bender stomps the floor attempting to topple Kullen and his crew, unfortunately his attempt to topple them is ineffective. The magic user launches a powerful volley of missiles at the group injuring all of us. The gnome concentrates his fire striking one of the fighters however he is still able to remain in the fight. I attack channeling a spell into my bastard sword cutting into Kullen’s shoulder. Hung Lo attempts to disarm one of them but fails at this maneuver. The evil wizard uses a spell to confuse the gnome and now that he is in his confused state, gnome unsuccessfully fires a magic missile at the wizard. Anna strikes and critically injures the man wielding the halberd. After going toe to toe with Kullen, I connect using my sword causing him grave harm as he collapses onto a nearby table his eyes staring upward at the ceiling. Zeph uses his talents boosting damage on all our main weapons. Anna injures her enemy again but fails to render him incapacitated because he has rejuvenated himself with healing potions. I engage the magic user striking with a powerful downward strike rendering him severely wounded. Anna skillfully parries an attack stepping back ready to attack again. Anna then lunges stabbing with both her weapons as Rastophan steps back and continues his backward motion onto the maple planking of the floor. Hung Lo has met defeat dropping to his knees and then falling face first upon the wooden floor. The enemy wizard looks around to see two of his party on the ground that have succumbed to their injuries. As Mirovinn, the mage, quickly surveys the scene he is struck in the neck by my heavy blade thus rendering him lifeless. I order the final enemy combatant to surrender and he immediately drops his halberd as a clanging echoes throughout the bar. He responds," All right…. all right". People within the bar look around and few whisper, “Who are these assholes?” I sit the prisoner in a chair and manacle his hands. We gather all their equipment to take inventory of the most valuable items: a cloak of resist +1, a chain shirt +1, a potion of enhance strength, a healing potion, a greataxe +1, a wand of enfeeblement, a scroll of shell, and a brooch of defense +1. We interrogate the remaining prisoner, Todrik, with an admission of digging up the bones at the request of Filge, a necromancer, making his home and study inside the old observatory. Todrik also explains that it was too risky to dig up the graves within the graveyard in town since it was protected by the local priests. He also warns that once we locate the bones they maybe animated and most likely attack us. The group has a brief discussion and decides to leave the dying men on the steps of the St. Cuthbert church giving them some chance of survival. I convince the rest of the group to free the prisoner since he had surrendered to us. We will rest a bit and then move on to investigate old observatory and whoever may occupy the building.


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