Age of Worms

The dangers of an underwater dungeon...

include much more than the possibility of drowning!!!

We resume our investigation of the lanterned room, descending down passage below the glow of the green lantern. After dissent just ahead of us lies a four-way intersection. The group advances to the intersection of observing large rooms to the East as well as West. Looking to the East we can see pews and possibly an altar. The gnome tries stealthily to move into the Western room. He is almost immediately accosted by swarm of beetles that engulf him destroying his leather armor with acid saliva. We observe to larger beetles behind the swarm and Anna immediately launches an arrow missing wide left. Only seconds later Sherwood hits one but it only damages it’s tough outer exoskeleton. The gnome backpedals 10 feet and blasts the swarm with a fireball. The smoke clears but the swarm is still advancing towards the gnome. I fire a missile which penetrates its armored exoskeleton and wounds the large beetle that was hit by Sherwood’s arrow. Hung Lo casts missile launching a stone projectile injuring the second large beetle. The two larger beetles charge into the hallway spewing acid upon Hung Lo. Anna and I manage to dodge out of the way avoiding the deadly acid. Anna responds with an arrow striking and injuring one of the beetles. Sherwood also connects a shot from his bow causing injury. Zeph dispatches the swarm with another fireball. I arcane strike causing the beetle to flip over wildly moving in death throws. The Earth Bender eliminates the remaining one with a missile shaped of stone. Searching the room Anna discovers the skeletons of three long dead humanoids. The skeletons are wearing leather armor with a star symbol marking the left breast of each suit. The gnome identifies the symbol as belonging to that of the Seekers, an unscrupulous group archaeologists and pseudo-historians from about 60 years ago. One of bodies has three potions of the milky substance gnome identifies as those that heal. Another has small pearl that we also identify as a Pearl of Power. Sherwood discovers a ring among the litter in the beetle nest. He knows that has magical powers but the type of power is unknown. I study the ring and discover that it is a ring of feather falling and I hand it over to Hung Lo. After sorting through our newfound treasure we move to investigate the room to the East with the gnome stealthily leading the way. Eight stone slabs about 4 feet off the ground that line the north and south walls top one of them is a corpse equipped with red leather armor. In front of the easternmost wall is a red clay statue powerfully built warrior atop the small stone stage. The powerfully built warrior is armed with a cylinder shaped great club. Hung Lo moves over to the corpse to inspect the leather armor. A familiar sleepy effect assaults our minds and Zeph, Anna and Sherwood are feeling fatigued. Before we could continue cursory inspection of the room two sleepy large sized beetles move to attack us. Quickly the group eliminates the beetles with a combination of magic and weapon attacks. Hung Lo suits up in the red leather armor and immediately feels a power of magic. We return to our adventure path has Zeph leads us to the south and we quickly discover a submerged section of the dungeon. Zeph secures himself with a rope tied off secured the room to the northwest. The group enters the submerged section with the gnome walking along the bottom and the remainder swimming. Not long after entering the water, Anna senses movement in the water and sees a swirling current moving toward us. The gnome its home with a missile into the swirling water. Hung Lo dissipates the water elemental with a stone missile eliminating the threat. The gnome retreats from the water apparently having difficulty using his stone shoes and instead swims among us. We continue swimming in enter a room east shortly after entering Hung Lo is attacked by some type of humanoid undead. Anna swims over and jabs the waterborne undead causing harm. Sherwood now equipped with his sword, attacks stabbing the creature with a well-placed strike to the throat. However all of us feel uneasy in the presence of the undead creature. Zeph tears into its flesh with a magical missile. The Earth Bender misses the hideous creature with a stone missile. The creature claws into Hung Lo’s flesh and seems to paralyze him. Another well-placed attack by Sherwood destroys the undead creature. After searching the room we gather up some minor treasure including magical leather armor and a ring valued at 200 gold pieces. We then had to return to the surface for air before returning to the watery dungeon below. We swim into the room to the west observing four a long benches and several niches along the walls with a human corpse wearing partially destroyed leather armor and a shiny short sword lying near his body. Included in those personal items and located near his body is the red lantern for which we have been searching. Anna rips the short sword from the gnome and feels its powerful magic thus claiming it to be hers. We return to the main room hanging the missing red lantern and lighting it as the final lantern to be ignited. We then hear a rumbling sound and then a click with the gnome pointing to lantern and hallway illuminated blue. We ascend the shaft at the end of the blue lanterned hallway traveling some 40 feet to an opening 10 feet in diameter exposing a hallway leading to the east. Some of us make use of some soggy rope provided by the gnome in our travel up into the hallway. Ahead of us down the hallway is a face with a gaping mouth that leads into a darkened room without a floor. Instead of a floor there is only a 3 foot wide beam of petrified wood that spans the chasm below that at about 10 feet below are countless iron spears. Those spears combined with large orange spheres make up an irregular floor. The Northwest and Southwest walls are covered in a honeycomb of geometric patterns. The Earth Bender creates a small sphere of some 4 feet in diameter dropping it to the floor below. The stone sphere dislodges some of the orange spheres and now lies among them. The gnome observes a brain-like tentacled creature with a large beak advancing against us. He quickly responds firing an empowered missile exploding its brain like body to small pieces of gray matter. The rest of us turn smell and observe the carnage of burned and exploded brain matter that Zeph had just caused. We hear the sound of a child exclaiming, “Wow!” Then we see a translucent bluish ghost of a young boy who attempts to shield our group from his hideous appearance. He then shouts, “I can’t believe you just killed that thing in one shot Shorty!” I am unable to leave this place because of my curse and I ask that you help to release my spirit." “I need you to take my bones and bury them with my family I will then slip through the metal door that will grant you access to the inner chamber.” “Please place my bones in the family plot just to the east of Diamond Lake.” “Do this for me and I will grant you access to the inner room and beyond.” Hung Lo shouts, “It’s a deal!” We descend into the ball pit search those bodies of the unfortunate explorers and potential tomb robbers. We find his bones and a small amount of treasure within the pit. We ascend into the chain main chamber and prepare for a journey back to town.


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