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Welcome to the “Age of Worms Adventure Log”

The amazing exploits of Greyhawk’s greatests heroes have always been recorded for others to marvel at—the heroes of the Age of Worms Adventure Path are no different.

All heroes are invited to record adventures. Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Click “Add New Post”
  • Name your post in “Title”
  • Skip “Wiki Page Name” as the default back to the title is probably best
  • Write your character’s name in “Tagline”
  • Write the post in character.

    The entries should reflect what your character sees and accomplishes. Remember that journal entries written in character will reflect his/her unique point of view or “slant” on what transpired during the party’s adventures. These entries can illustrate your character’s prejudices, feelings, and reactions to others’ behavior and the events of the adventure. They can also serve to show character growth and development through the course of the campaign, as future entries can demonstrate evolved thoughts and actions.


    If you feel the need to comment on a player’s entry, please respond out of character, as this should not be a place for characters to flame one another. Consider the entries of other characters to be private (i.e. written in a personal journal). As players, don’t use this information to color your roleplaying—-unless the character shares the information in game.

In order to encourage posts to the Adventure Log the following rewards will apply:

  • A post will earn the player a bonus Hero Point for the next adventure.
  • Every third will earn a consumable magic item.
  • Every fifth post will earn two Experience Points.
  • Every tenth post will be rewarded with a permanent magic item.


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