Age of Worms

You have heard of the circle of life, but what about the circle of death?

Mordecai Tarmikos

I am happy to report my clarity of mind. Those things of my past are just that…not of the present or future. I have become gainfully employed by Chaum Gansworth for the last eight months with mostly odd jobs. I have an advantage over many other employees in that I have not been required to brave the dank and darkness of the iron mines beneath Diamond Lake. I also have recently been reunited with a friend of my youth some years my senior, a gnome named Zeph. Although I sometimes doubt his intentions, he has been trustworthy throughout our younger trials and tribulations. We both have known true despair being so poor during our early days that begging for food in the streets of Diamond Lake was necessary to our survival.

Zeph and I have agreed that we must take charge of our lives and leave the poverty we have known, so we have asked Chaum to give us more challenging tasks in the days ahead.
Around noon we happen upon Chaum in a conversation with the wizard we both have know for a long time: Allustan. Both of us eaves drop and listen to their discussion interjecting with an offer to assist the wizard with a dangerous mission to rid a tomb in the Cairn Hills of the undead spirits of beings.

We rose with the sun the next day and departed to an area in the Hills described and crudely mapped by Allustan. I had some measure of apprehension as we departed because we lacked a man of faith, and I prayed to the Gods that it would not be necessary. Although crude, the map lead us almost directly to the tomb in question and we descended crude stairs to the entrance. The portal appeared to be quite old and upon opening a earthy odor and total darkness greeted us with mystery and uncertainty. We both drank the potion of darkvision given us by Allustan allowing us some measure of vision in the complete darkness that awaited.

Entering the first room we quickly discovered a summoning circle just as Allustan described it. Straight away Zeph drew out the scroll to dispel the magic and the magical mark began to fade from the gray stone floor now only two remained. Another oddity that struck me was the vast amount of plant growth that filled not only the first room but the hallway as we traveled south from that initial area. A mere 30 feet into said hall a vine of some sort attacked and wrapped itself around my gnome friend. I put all my strength behind a swing of my bastard sword and severed the vine eliminating the threat. We now moved about the tomb more quietly and cautiously moving from hallway to room in such a fashion.

After fighting a few of those creeping vines we entered another room that displayed the drawings of a summoning circle but were surprised by some beasts not of this world. A ghost like figure lunged out from the area of the circle while two thin and hideous creatures leapt from the ceiling east of our location. Zeph blasted both of the ugly, grey skinned creatures before they were able to assault us. The ghostly beast assailed us with some kind of force that weakened Zeph’s vitality, but after a short combat, I ended its existence using my Arcane Strike. Luckily Zeph’s health was restored after a short time of maybe 5 minutes. Once he completed the ritual removing the circle he felt just fine. We battled another ghostly undead and dispelled the final circle leaving the tomb with a small amount of treasure, but it was the largest sum we have possessed at any one time during our lives. We returned to Diamond Lake and reported our success to both Allustan and Chaum. Following our meeting Zeph ran like a flash of lightening to cash in his gems and park himself at the bar with his fists full of mugs of ale. I hope he will sober up before our next assignment!!!!


Nice Job. I adjusted some of the names. You and Zeph work for Chaum Gansworth not Ragnolin Dourstone. The “smartest man in town” (and the wizard you spoke with) is Allustan. Khellek is a wizard prancing around town with two other adventurers who are claiming they will find treasure in the hills around town.

Also—Tagline should be your character’s name. That way readers can quickly identify who is “speaking.”

Reward Gained: Hero Point.

MercutioR13 MercutioR13

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