Gregern Karn

"All obstacles are overcome with common sense and courage."


CHA d6 DEX d10 INT d6 PER d6
PSY d8 SPT d10 STR d6 VIT d8
DEF 10 HLTH 14 INIT 16 SPD 30
Skills: Athletics d6, Diplomacy d6, Investigation d6, Knowledge (Religion) d6, Medicine d6, Melee d6, Ranged d6, Resist d8
Qualities: Adheres to Code (St Cuthbert), Divinity, Level-Headed, Resourceful, Stern
Armor: Lamellar (3 head, arms, torso), Pot Helm (4 head), Shield, Medium (+2 parry, +1 DEF, may parry ranged attacks)
Weapons: Mace (DMG 3), Crossbow (DMG 4, RNG 150’, ROF 1, CAL 2, PEN 2), Dagger (DMG 3)
The Arts: Cleric
Weird Points: 30; Weird Ability: Spirit (d10) Weird Skill: Divinity (d8)
Heal p 98
Glow p 97
Enhance p 95
Burst p 93

Equipment: Backpack, Healing Kit (6), Flint and Steel, Quiver (20 bolts), Waterskin
Encumbrance: 8 (9)


To become high priest Gregern must accomplish some great feat of good in the world, be true to St Cuthbert’s ways and be true to himself. Gregern aims to be high priest some day and has set out into the world to do great good and spread the common-sense values of his god.

Gregern Karn

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