Schinus Balint

"Sometimes the lawless need to be hunted down!"


Schinus nears 40 years old, stands 6’ 2" tall, and maintains a well-muscled 213 lbs., with short-cropped hair and blue-gray eyes. He is a native Greyhawker, joining the militia in early 581 CY and rising through the ranks swiftly. Tigran Gellner recommended him as his successor, and while older officers grumbled about it and often stymied him, he has been a worthy successor to Gellner. He is mostly found at Fort Gellner, but travels with the Mountaineer Militia to Storm Keep and Hardby using his magical carpet, and to Greyhawk itself to furnish intelligence reports to the Directors.

Much of Schinus’ role is administrative and political, and he is bright and wise enough to carry this off well. He speaks dwarven and gnomish, which stands him in good stead when dealing with recalcitrant or punctilious demihumans. He rather enjoys the political side of his operations. Most of all, he likes gathering his garrison commanding officers for a good feast and to make plans for extending patrols, raiding humanoids, and collating information. Schinus is well respected by his men, who consider him stern but always fair.

Schinus Balint

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