Tag: Places to Shop/Trade


  • Tidwoad's

    *Map Key # 5*

    Sooner or later, characters looking to sell loot will cross paths with [[:tidwoad | Tidwoad]], a cantankerous jeweler with a meticulously arranged shop located on the Vein’s central square. His Jewelry shop is also the closest …

  • General Store

    *Map # 7*

    Taggin runs a fairly well stocked general store, with several mining specialty items. If he doesn't have it, he can order it from Korvosa. Most ordered items take a week to arrive. Taggin makes a point of staying out of other people's …

  • The Captain's Blade

    *Map # 16*

    A weapons shop run by Tyrol Eberly (male human), who claims to have once been a watch captain in the city of Korvosa. He is an absolute fanatic about weapons, always enthusiastically displaying his ample supply of masterwork melee …

  • Vellene's

    *Map # 17*

    The smell of fresh pine permeates this handsome establishment, a distinctive structure that incorporates intricate carved patterns and upright logs. A curious woman named Venelle (female human) owns the establishment selling …

  • Osgood Smithy

    *Map # 27*

    The distinctive "O" of smith Manlin Osgood (male human) is well-known enough in the region that is often forged by lesser blacksmiths in an effort to pass off inferior wares. Osgood has a team of seven apprentices and journeymen, …