Circle of Eight

The mysterious assembly of wizards known as the Circle of Eight has long benefited from a past obscured by misinformation and enigma. The group’s influence reaches from the Baklunish west to the Solnor Ocean, though its secretive methods ensure that few know the extent of its ministrations. Certain members of the Circle are well known and liked, their talents appreciated throughout the Flanaess. The mages Bigby, Jallarzi, and Otto, for instance, are welcome in courts far from cosmopolitan Greyhawk. Others, such as Drawmij, and Nystul, prefer to operate away from the public gaze.

Mordenkainen the archmage formed the Circle of Eight whose chief purpose seems to be the preservation of the balance of power between the forces of Good, Evil, Law, and Chaos in the Flanaess, ensuring that one does not dominate the other for an extended period of time. In all things, the Circle of Eight prefers to work behind the scenes, subtly manipulating events to ensure that no one faction gains the upper hand.

In the last two decades, the Circle has seen members come and go, but its dedication to Mordenkainen’s goals and methods remains steadfast. Current members include Bigby of Mitrik, once Mordenkainen’s apprentice and now an archmage in his own right; the rotund and jovial Otto, who favors the kitchen over the laboratory; Jallarzi Sallavarian of Greyhawk, one of the most dynamic wizards in a city of mages and the first female member; the reclusive Drawmij, who oversees Keoland and the south from his undersea lair near Gradsul; and Nystul, a Tenha expatriate who wishes to expand the Circle, beyond eight if need be, to combat the growing threats presented by Iuz, Turrosh Mak, and the consolidating factions of the former Great Kingdom.

The treachery of Rary in 584 CY saw the destruction of Tenser and Otiluke, leaving the Circle at five. After a successful mission by the Company of the Joker and Knave to rescue one of Tenser’s clones from the clutches of the infamous necromancer- witch Iggwilv, the Circle added three new members, rounding out the membership. (Tenser, chafing at Mordenkainen’s agenda, left the group in disgust after his rescue.) New members include the redoubtable Warnes Starcoat of Urnst; Alhamazad the Wise of Zeif; and the first non-human member, Arielle Sunshine a former member of the Company of the Fat Dragon. Mordenkainen remains the ninth member, a “shadow leader” dictating his agenda to others and influencing the Flanaess through his powerful network of agents and servitors.

Circle of Eight

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