Age of Worms

The dangers of an underwater dungeon...
include much more than the possibility of drowning!!!

We resume our investigation of the lanterned room, descending down passage below the glow of the green lantern. After dissent just ahead of us lies a four-way intersection. The group advances to the intersection of observing large rooms to the East as well as West. Looking to the East we can see pews and possibly an altar. The gnome tries stealthily to move into the Western room. He is almost immediately accosted by swarm of beetles that engulf him destroying his leather armor with acid saliva. We observe to larger beetles behind the swarm and Anna immediately launches an arrow missing wide left. Only seconds later Sherwood hits one but it only damages it’s tough outer exoskeleton. The gnome backpedals 10 feet and blasts the swarm with a fireball. The smoke clears but the swarm is still advancing towards the gnome. I fire a missile which penetrates its armored exoskeleton and wounds the large beetle that was hit by Sherwood’s arrow. Hung Lo casts missile launching a stone projectile injuring the second large beetle. The two larger beetles charge into the hallway spewing acid upon Hung Lo. Anna and I manage to dodge out of the way avoiding the deadly acid. Anna responds with an arrow striking and injuring one of the beetles. Sherwood also connects a shot from his bow causing injury. Zeph dispatches the swarm with another fireball. I arcane strike causing the beetle to flip over wildly moving in death throws. The Earth Bender eliminates the remaining one with a missile shaped of stone. Searching the room Anna discovers the skeletons of three long dead humanoids. The skeletons are wearing leather armor with a star symbol marking the left breast of each suit. The gnome identifies the symbol as belonging to that of the Seekers, an unscrupulous group archaeologists and pseudo-historians from about 60 years ago. One of bodies has three potions of the milky substance gnome identifies as those that heal. Another has small pearl that we also identify as a Pearl of Power. Sherwood discovers a ring among the litter in the beetle nest. He knows that has magical powers but the type of power is unknown. I study the ring and discover that it is a ring of feather falling and I hand it over to Hung Lo. After sorting through our newfound treasure we move to investigate the room to the East with the gnome stealthily leading the way. Eight stone slabs about 4 feet off the ground that line the north and south walls top one of them is a corpse equipped with red leather armor. In front of the easternmost wall is a red clay statue powerfully built warrior atop the small stone stage. The powerfully built warrior is armed with a cylinder shaped great club. Hung Lo moves over to the corpse to inspect the leather armor. A familiar sleepy effect assaults our minds and Zeph, Anna and Sherwood are feeling fatigued. Before we could continue cursory inspection of the room two sleepy large sized beetles move to attack us. Quickly the group eliminates the beetles with a combination of magic and weapon attacks. Hung Lo suits up in the red leather armor and immediately feels a power of magic. We return to our adventure path has Zeph leads us to the south and we quickly discover a submerged section of the dungeon. Zeph secures himself with a rope tied off secured the room to the northwest. The group enters the submerged section with the gnome walking along the bottom and the remainder swimming. Not long after entering the water, Anna senses movement in the water and sees a swirling current moving toward us. The gnome its home with a missile into the swirling water. Hung Lo dissipates the water elemental with a stone missile eliminating the threat. The gnome retreats from the water apparently having difficulty using his stone shoes and instead swims among us. We continue swimming in enter a room east shortly after entering Hung Lo is attacked by some type of humanoid undead. Anna swims over and jabs the waterborne undead causing harm. Sherwood now equipped with his sword, attacks stabbing the creature with a well-placed strike to the throat. However all of us feel uneasy in the presence of the undead creature. Zeph tears into its flesh with a magical missile. The Earth Bender misses the hideous creature with a stone missile. The creature claws into Hung Lo’s flesh and seems to paralyze him. Another well-placed attack by Sherwood destroys the undead creature. After searching the room we gather up some minor treasure including magical leather armor and a ring valued at 200 gold pieces. We then had to return to the surface for air before returning to the watery dungeon below. We swim into the room to the west observing four a long benches and several niches along the walls with a human corpse wearing partially destroyed leather armor and a shiny short sword lying near his body. Included in those personal items and located near his body is the red lantern for which we have been searching. Anna rips the short sword from the gnome and feels its powerful magic thus claiming it to be hers. We return to the main room hanging the missing red lantern and lighting it as the final lantern to be ignited. We then hear a rumbling sound and then a click with the gnome pointing to lantern and hallway illuminated blue. We ascend the shaft at the end of the blue lanterned hallway traveling some 40 feet to an opening 10 feet in diameter exposing a hallway leading to the east. Some of us make use of some soggy rope provided by the gnome in our travel up into the hallway. Ahead of us down the hallway is a face with a gaping mouth that leads into a darkened room without a floor. Instead of a floor there is only a 3 foot wide beam of petrified wood that spans the chasm below that at about 10 feet below are countless iron spears. Those spears combined with large orange spheres make up an irregular floor. The Northwest and Southwest walls are covered in a honeycomb of geometric patterns. The Earth Bender creates a small sphere of some 4 feet in diameter dropping it to the floor below. The stone sphere dislodges some of the orange spheres and now lies among them. The gnome observes a brain-like tentacled creature with a large beak advancing against us. He quickly responds firing an empowered missile exploding its brain like body to small pieces of gray matter. The rest of us turn smell and observe the carnage of burned and exploded brain matter that Zeph had just caused. We hear the sound of a child exclaiming, “Wow!” Then we see a translucent bluish ghost of a young boy who attempts to shield our group from his hideous appearance. He then shouts, “I can’t believe you just killed that thing in one shot Shorty!” I am unable to leave this place because of my curse and I ask that you help to release my spirit." “I need you to take my bones and bury them with my family I will then slip through the metal door that will grant you access to the inner chamber.” “Please place my bones in the family plot just to the east of Diamond Lake.” “Do this for me and I will grant you access to the inner room and beyond.” Hung Lo shouts, “It’s a deal!” We descend into the ball pit search those bodies of the unfortunate explorers and potential tomb robbers. We find his bones and a small amount of treasure within the pit. We ascend into the chain main chamber and prepare for a journey back to town.

Brown Mold is so chilly....
that causes more than just hard nipples!!!!

Center to the room and upon the Dais is a stone sarcophagus with a lid that portrays a human. Before we further explore, HUNG LO, asks that we move outside the tomb to await Sherwood and his companions. We resume our exploration bringing an additional three adventurers: Sherwood, Anna and Estaban. The first investigate the sarcophagus top portion portrays a hairless sexless humanoid of 7 feet tall dressed in a toga. The left hand is curled in a fist and the right hand is palm face up around its neck scarab amulet of Zosiel. The gnome further explains that it is a powerful elemental entity. The dais has the shape of an arrow without hesitation Hung Lo rotates it clockwise as a clicks into place and we hear a great rumbling below. Estaban enters into a man sized cylinder at the end of the yellow lantern hallway. As he enters the cylinder immediately descends to the unknown below. We rotate the dais the blue lanterned hallway but nothing happens so we rotate it to the indigo hallway. The gnome enters the short passage to investigate only to find a skeleton for a long ago deceased human. Not much happens with the other colors so that we decide to investigate further into the lower chamber of the yellow corridor. Down below in the chamber ahead lies a large slab of stone with a small opening atop leading to another chamber. The gnome gets a boost from the elf me scampers over the stone obstacle into the adjoining room. The Earth Bender reduces the size of the stone wall, but before we realize the gnome is being assaulted by a creature trying to strangle him. The remainder the party climbs over to see the gnome giving the creature a golden shower. We discover alcoves that line each wall and within them are statues of humanoids with cupped hands. We continue down the hallway and in the air there is a chill as the temperature begins to drop. No sooner had we felt the chill when three more of creatures that look more like a bola, but instead of weights there is a large eye at each end. Anna jabs one in an eye while I cut another down with a mighty swing of my bastard sword. Zeph must have been struck by some kind of magic and begins running from whence he came. Anna kills the one that was trying to choke her with a well-placed thrust of her rapier. Combined attacks from Sherwood and I kill the last creature. After waiting a few minutes for Zeph to return from his fear, we resume our movements entering a large room with archways to the north as well as the south. As we begin to into the room, the cold intensifies and we observe a large patch of brown mold obviously the source of the arctic like temperature. The mage decides to blast some of the mold after taking damage from it. The fireball appears to have no affected whatsoever on the brown stuff and in fact it doubles in size. Zeph takes additional damage because of its proximity to the mold which nearly surrounds him. Hung lo and Esteban also feel pain from the intense cold because of its now doubled size. Hung lo discovers two niches within a centrally located large stone slab. Esteban searches one of the niches and finds the crushed skeleton along with a backpack. Within the backpack he finds little statues that he thinks are worth money. He also finds goggles of minute seeing a wand of earth among the crushed skeletal bones. Esteban attacks with no affect; he then takes some orange liquid spilled onto the floor with the same result. I fire a missile that seems not to harm it. Finally Zeph uses two acid fireballs and mostly eliminates the chilly threat allowing us to move into the northern area. The room to the north of appears to be a workshop containing statues as well as workbenches. Among the stuff is a large egg made of stone marked with symbols. Hung lo identifies the symbol is coming from the Prince elemental evil. Hung lo says aloud, “This is bad juju.” Zeph inspects the staff which contains six grooves and appears to be segmented and able to be broken into seven pieces. Its fine workmanship will most likely allow it to be used as a masterwork staff. Zeph believes this to be modeled after the legendary seven segmented magic rod. So he and hung lo now believe that before time elementals battled the Wolf Spider Demon. We leave the stone egg behind to retrieve later move into the southern room to investigate. This room appears to be a living quarters of important figure with a statue placed against the wall depicting a balding man with outstretched hands. Against the East wall is a thin slab with swirling air above it and upon for letter further inspection appears to be a bed. It must have some kind of magic upon it because when Zeph approached he felt sleepy. We return to the sculptor’s workshop to retrieve the stone egg. Esteban smacks the egg with his mace and it animates into a small creature earth and stone glowing gemstone eyes. Anna fires an arrow that breaks upon impact on the stony creature. I attack using arcane strike with my bastard sword but it seems to only damage it stone like outer shell. Hung lo informs the party at the stony creature is immune to non-magical attacks. Zeph touches the creature injecting it with a magical missile and disrupting its form. Esteban looks in his backpack in search of something that may damage this creature. Hung Lo fires a boulder in a missile like attack at the creature causing it damage. Zeph touches the creature in a surge of energy that damages the outer shell of the stone monster. Again I attack using arcane strike that seems to finally damage the creature; meanwhile most of the party remains bystanders. Zeph and I continue to pummel the stone creature and after a few attacks Hung Lo decides to join the fray and ultimately the creature is destroyed by us as a trio. We return to sleep in the sleeping quarter that offers Zeph a promise of restful sleep. He is in the greatest need of recovery of his magical talents. After waking we ascend returning to the main chamber and prepare to investigate another of the colored hallways.

An Elven Wizard seeks our talents and abilities....
We begin to investigate the Whispering Cairn

We have returned to the Diamond Lake to look for temporary lodging for Lilya Haldenfrond before we bring her back to her father in the town of Blackstone. We are chatting it up with Lilya in the Able Coaching Carter Inn with her becoming insistent on remaining in Diamond Lake. As I’m talking her eyes turn a green color and after I noticed this in man approaches us. This man that approached asks Lilya where have you been? I’m here on the behest of one of the mine owners. The Man offers to return her to her father black lake in a few days. She explains is fine here will return when she feels like it. I interject, “I will return her to the safety of her father in black lake.” The man says now that I’m here I want to see the freak show in The Emporium, I hear there’s a lot of strange oddities. Another attractive, sleek and confident elf woman wearing a red brooch announces a challenge of a game of darts. Zeph accepts her test though he admits his skill with thrown weapons is lacking. The game ends swiftly after only one round with only the elf striking the target. The gnome and another patron hand over some coinage and she quips, “Thanks for the gold”. She is good natured about it and Zeph convinces her to buy him a drink. The elf explains their mission in the area is to search the Stirges Cairn. She has brought her two companions, one a wizard and the other the champion of the Games from the Free City to seek out the treasures with this cairn. Tirra insists that they are going to search in the area she mentioned. We explain to that elf there is danger that awaits. We fought undead that appear ghostly along with a plant type creature that has vines that reach out and attack. Zeph tries to save them some time and relays the folly of their actions in searching an already empty location.
Lilya reluctantly agrees to return to her homestead in the morning and retires to her room upstairs. I try and keep a watchful eye on Lilya’s whereabouts while Zeph parlays with some gnome tourists offering to trade his bottle of fine brandy for gems. As Zeph leaves, Kullen chuckles, “knife throwing midget.” He then departs Zeph the inn to barter some of the treasure with his gnome friend while I watch over the fair maiden. I inform Zeph of a Bronze Wood Lodge note asking us to meet at the old mining office just outside of town. The note appears to have been sent by another elven friend Sherwood. I approach my boss the mine owner and asked if I may borrow two horses. “I will loan you the horses because it may bode well for me, returning a mine owner’s daughter to her father.” I returned to the end with the forces to discover that Lilya has disappeared. I search her room but she is nowhere to be found to ask the bartender if he saw her leave. He claims to not seen her leave so the gnome and I search the room clues. Search her room to no avail and the room appears neat and tidy. Zeph says, “Let’s go find Sherwood since we haven’t found anything”. I begin to ask around town and everyone claims the she has not been seen. We go back to the inn running into Hung Lo, an Earth Bender from the Bronze Wood Lodge. He claims our mutual friend, Sherwood, summoned him to meet at an old mining office just outside of town. I’m familiar with it and as far as I know it’s been abandoned for years. So Hung Lo, Zeph and myself depart the end to meet Sherwood. We find the old office in a state of disrepair with weeds choking out the area in the front of the office yard. I know that this has not always been abandoned and we have found goblins and bandits inside in the past. Zeph sneaks into the front yard and peers in a window near the door which is nearly off its hinges the porch is also in this repair and is partially collapsed. The gnome gives us that the signal that enemies await inside and I observe him drawing is sword. Hung Lo turns to me and says, “This is what I wanted to be doing at 6 o’clock in the morning”. Zeph yells out, “goblins!” I moved to flank the door and Hung Lo readies for combat. The goblins charge through the door onto the porch. The Earth Bender lets loose a missile, but it strikes a post on the left side of the porch. The gnome blasts them with a fireball as they stand by the door. The goblins are engulfed by the fireball and smoke wafts off of their bodies as they appear to be severely injured. I charge the goblins and hack one causing him to collapse to the ground lifeless. The Earth Bender fires a second missile and this one meets its mark striking the goblin in the lower abdomen, while gnome drops a third one with his short sword. The last one is felled by my bastard sword. The Bender walks over to study the dead goblins and says, “you guys don’t play around!” “That fireball was no joke!” We enter the office and we find grime and garbage littering the interior. The air is stale and dust floats as sunlight penetrates the darkness. We notice a circle on the floor and some type of cards, maybe playing cards and it must be a summoning circle. In front of us are double doors one being off of its hinge. Zeph claims that he hears something and he begins to sneak into what appears to be a dining room. Sitting in the northeast corner sits a cloaked figure begins clapping saying, “an impressive display”. He further states that he’s glad to see we are prompt. The gnome asked him what he’s doing there in a cloaked man says that I’m waiting for you. So then the gnome asked why do you want us here? Man explains that he’s in need of adventurers but had to test us to be sure we are worthy of his mission. He says it’s thinking here let’s go out in the into the sun. The cloaks hood mostly hides his face as we stroll out into the sunlight. As we walk outside another man approaches wearing armor equipped with a shield and sword. I am able to recognize him as a priest of St. Cuthbert from Diamond Lake. He proceeds to question me and asks, “Mordecai why did you want me out here?” The man chuckles and removes his hood revealing a very attractive grey elf. He must have used his magical abilities to gather us together. The elf says, “Listen I can tell you all that’s going on but some bad shit is going on in these parts.” I would like you guys do me a favor and head over to the Whispering Cairn. The priest, who calls himself Gregorn, explains that he’s out for adventure and better the cause of St. Cuthbert.
Our newly formed group departs for the Whispering Cairn some 10 miles away ready for whatever awaits us. We arrive finding a naturally lit hallway leading into darkness with a thin coat of dust covering the floor. The walls are adorned simple geometric patterns. The walls show signs of weapon damage or perhaps being worn on the passage of many years. The cleric casts glow upon his weapon allowing us to view inside the tombs darkness. We travel deeper into the darkness discovering a moldy robe in an alcove. Study the Eastern alcove finding is a marble pedestal missing whatever was placed on top the work of tomb robbers most likely. We move further down the hallway looking to more alcoves went to the east to the west. We look into the Western alcove seeing what appears to be a small white marble platform raised about 3 feet of floor. A strange arcane shattered apparatus rests upon its top its curved oval frame gives the appearance of a mirror. An arcane glyph is carved into the base of the platform in the gnome steps up two study the strange symbol happening upon some shards of black rock that feels cold to the touch. Zeph studies the glyph and the others that surround it within the room deducing that it is some kind of transportation device. I assist the gnome and identify some of the glyphs as naming individuals. The gnome believes these black shards of rock may be worth something. As we depart the alcove we notice a flickering green light deeper into the main hallway. The other alcove is blocked off by collapsed ceiling that looks as if it would take weeks to dig through. The central hallway leads us into an area where wolves advance to attack. I am the only one that notices and I’m able to confuse them with my magical talent of colored dancing lights. The wolves charge the gnome snapping and biting at him and manage trip him. Hung Lo launches a missile hitting one of the wolves in the leg. I Summon magical power to my bastard sword straight down the wounded wolf. Gregorn attacks a wolf striking him with his trusty mace. The Earth Bender finishes off the second wounded wolf with another missile. I eliminate the third wolf with an arcane strike from my bastard sword. We travel to the east searching the wolves den finding a variety of bones including that of human. Cleric discovers an old backpack among scattered bones and wolf dung. Inside we discover a lantern with indigo glass panes. On the opposite wall we discover and Elven armband with an intricately carved design. I find a marble index finger broken off of a statue. We move into the Western wing of the large central room and see a large Dias with seven narrow hallways traveling out from the central point. The chain dangles at the end of each hallway and each chain bears a colored lantern and the colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. We enter a hallway as an offshoot of the main room moving away large amounts of cobwebs. The gnome halts us and we step back as he fireballs the remaining cobwebs that had hundreds harmless spiders. Moving in we descend into a circular room with seven short hallways ending in a circular area. At the end of each bears a chain within 5 of the hallways hangs lanterns with one a glowing green light. Above is a dome set with metal and glass shards that uses the light to depict starlight and falling snow.

Lovely singing, but a hideous appearance!!!!
Such Charm!!!

• It is around 1300 hours, Zeph and I are hangin at the Feral Dog and wouldn’t you know it an old acquaintance walks through the doors. It is Sherwood of the Bronzewood Lodge. Sherwood is an elf of true character and skilled with a bow and sword. With only a quick hello, he explains a dire situation that needs our attention. Bandits have taken a local girl and she is a daughter of a wealthy merchant. He believes the bandits have a hideout and have the captive at that location. I tell Sherwood let us waste on time…she is in need of our assistance. We are traveling in a southwesterly direction following the trail. After a day we set up camp along the wood line of the trail. The night passes uneventful and we wake to the morning sun poking through the springtime buds of the oak and maple trees.
• A hour or so elapses when we become aware of some talking ahead of us to the southeast. Zeph slips into the underbrush to sneak upon the creatures. Zeph opens fire blasting three bandit types and a creature that looks like a large ostrich with an over-sized beak. One bandit yells to another, “I told you something was out there!” The large ostrich type creature just turns and flees the melee. I shield bash one and knock him off his feet. Sherwood drops one with an arrow into his neck and the remaining two enemy surrender. After some interrogation we learn of the bandit hideout and that the girl is indeed being held hostage. I tie the remaining two bandits to a tree and leave them with four gold, but Zeph relieves them of their remaining gear and money.
• Our trio returns to the trail with Zeph sneaking about 30 feet ahead of us. We halt our advance because Zeph discovers a clearing with a group of buildings around it. Zeph uses his quick action to avoid a pit trap just before the clearing. Zeph motions us to advance and he continues toward the building with a tree growing out of it. We hear a sweet song coming from the building with both Sherwood and Zeph following the music seemingly charmed. I charge into the building to see an ugly winged woman singing and my companions along with four bandits walking toward her. I fire a missile striking her in the shoulder and she responds by flying down and attacking me unsuccessfully. I swing and cut deep into her hip and she retreats to an upper branch of the tree growing out of the building. She tries to talk her way out of the deadly situation telling us that the girl is in the building next to the one we are presently located. I have no intention of aligning myself with an evil creature, but follow her suggestion and attack a charmed bandit slaying him. She swoops down and joins me in the attack. My companions snap out of their charmed trance to see me and an ugly winged woman battling some bandits. As my friends join in our combat against the bandits…I turn and fire a magic missile killing the ugly female beast dropping her from her hovering stance. She deserved no less than death as a truly evil creature. Now that I killed the seemingly friendly winged creature, Zeph displays a confused look. Now that we return to combat as a trio, we make short work of the remaining bandits.
• We locate the kidnapped young woman and she implores us to retrieve her personal belongings. We escort her to the building where the melee took place so she may be safe while the three of us go to gather her stuff.
• Zeph sneaks ahead moving toward the largest of the buildings unable to avoid a bunch of marbles placed along the stairs as a trap. After Zeph is initially caught by surprise at the building’s entrance, he uses his magical prowess along with our fighting skill to kill the remaining bandits.

You have heard of the circle of life, but what about the circle of death?
Mordecai Tarmikos

I am happy to report my clarity of mind. Those things of my past are just that…not of the present or future. I have become gainfully employed by Chaum Gansworth for the last eight months with mostly odd jobs. I have an advantage over many other employees in that I have not been required to brave the dank and darkness of the iron mines beneath Diamond Lake. I also have recently been reunited with a friend of my youth some years my senior, a gnome named Zeph. Although I sometimes doubt his intentions, he has been trustworthy throughout our younger trials and tribulations. We both have known true despair being so poor during our early days that begging for food in the streets of Diamond Lake was necessary to our survival.

Zeph and I have agreed that we must take charge of our lives and leave the poverty we have known, so we have asked Chaum to give us more challenging tasks in the days ahead.
Around noon we happen upon Chaum in a conversation with the wizard we both have know for a long time: Allustan. Both of us eaves drop and listen to their discussion interjecting with an offer to assist the wizard with a dangerous mission to rid a tomb in the Cairn Hills of the undead spirits of beings.

We rose with the sun the next day and departed to an area in the Hills described and crudely mapped by Allustan. I had some measure of apprehension as we departed because we lacked a man of faith, and I prayed to the Gods that it would not be necessary. Although crude, the map lead us almost directly to the tomb in question and we descended crude stairs to the entrance. The portal appeared to be quite old and upon opening a earthy odor and total darkness greeted us with mystery and uncertainty. We both drank the potion of darkvision given us by Allustan allowing us some measure of vision in the complete darkness that awaited.

Entering the first room we quickly discovered a summoning circle just as Allustan described it. Straight away Zeph drew out the scroll to dispel the magic and the magical mark began to fade from the gray stone floor now only two remained. Another oddity that struck me was the vast amount of plant growth that filled not only the first room but the hallway as we traveled south from that initial area. A mere 30 feet into said hall a vine of some sort attacked and wrapped itself around my gnome friend. I put all my strength behind a swing of my bastard sword and severed the vine eliminating the threat. We now moved about the tomb more quietly and cautiously moving from hallway to room in such a fashion.

After fighting a few of those creeping vines we entered another room that displayed the drawings of a summoning circle but were surprised by some beasts not of this world. A ghost like figure lunged out from the area of the circle while two thin and hideous creatures leapt from the ceiling east of our location. Zeph blasted both of the ugly, grey skinned creatures before they were able to assault us. The ghostly beast assailed us with some kind of force that weakened Zeph’s vitality, but after a short combat, I ended its existence using my Arcane Strike. Luckily Zeph’s health was restored after a short time of maybe 5 minutes. Once he completed the ritual removing the circle he felt just fine. We battled another ghostly undead and dispelled the final circle leaving the tomb with a small amount of treasure, but it was the largest sum we have possessed at any one time during our lives. We returned to Diamond Lake and reported our success to both Allustan and Chaum. Following our meeting Zeph ran like a flash of lightening to cash in his gems and park himself at the bar with his fists full of mugs of ale. I hope he will sober up before our next assignment!!!!

Welcome to your Adventure Log!
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