Able Carter Coaching Inn

Map # 21

The Able Carter Coaching Company connects the Free City to its satellite towns via a fleet of horse-drawn coaches and inns stationed at every leg of the journey. The Diamond Lake inn hosts 20 rooms, going for 1 gp per night, with stable services for 5 sp per day. Four guards are on staff, and can be hired for trips at a rate of 5 gp per day.

Notable Residents

Currently hosting Rontabont Mur, owner of a copper mine in Blackstone, here at the invitation of Glech Tilgast.

Fester Trollump is a permanent guest, though he spends much of his time in the hills hunting the badgers he sells in the Free City once a month, along with the occasional catch of a more exotic creature. Fester has little to do with the town, and few folks would even know about him at all.

A band of seven gnome tourists, merchants from Whistledown, dominate one wing of the building. The vacationers constantly chatter about the sites they saw that day, from the freaks and acts of the Emporium to the food at the Hungry Gar.


Able Carter Coaching Inn

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