Map # 12

A keep holding over 60 soldiers from the city of Greyhawk, tasked with patrolling the northern hills and keeping an eye on the lizardfolk-infested Blackmarsh. A third of the soldiers are out on patrol at any given time. The garrison is commanded by Captain Tolliver Trask (male human), well-respected in Diamond Lake. His chief advisors are Valkus Dun (male human), the Chief Cleric of Heironeous in Diamond Lake, Dietrik Cicaeda (male human), Chief Cartographer, and Chief Scout Merris Sandovar (male human), a former member of the nearby Bronzewood Lodge druidic community. The three squad leaders of the soldiery are Dobrun Trent (male half-elf), Mikkela Venderin (female human), and Trovost Skunt (male human).

The Chapel of Heironeous is within the garrison walls, and boasts the second largest congregation in Diamond Lake (after St Cuthbert). Rumor has it that Valkus Dun was assigned to this chapel owing to political maneuverings in the Free City. Velias Childraumun (male human) handles most of the healing needs in the garrison, and offers free curative spells to those faithful in the service of Heironious. Mélinde (female human) is a notable member of the chapel, a paladin who acts as Valkus Dun’s advisor. She is often seen playing dragonchess at Lazare’s House, and has been known to aid adventuring parties in search of a skill blade.

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