Old Piers

Map # 20

Decades ago, the upper crust of Korvosa vacationed in Diamond Lake to sail on its pristine waters. The mining operations (and the pollution that came with them) ended that pastime, but the rotting carcasses of the once elaborate piers still jut into the lake’s now brackish waters. Even a few skeletal remains of ancient fishing vessels pierce the lake’s surface from below. Regular fish cannot survive in the tainted waters, only dangerous hardy predators like the ravenous, toothy gar make the lake home. Those who venture across Diamond Lake do so at their own risk.

For a piece of silver, Durskin (male human), a retired marine ferries passengers across the lake in his vessel, The Autumn Runner. Those seeking a safer passage must rely upon the Harkness, a sailboat maintained by the shadowy Cult of the Gray Lady, who use the vessel to cross back and forth between Diamond Lake and the cairn in which their order holds services to Pharasma. Passage costs 3 sp, and passengers must endure sermons of the ways of “The Lady of the Graves.”


Old Piers

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