Wind Dukes of Aaqa


Before recorded history, there was a race of powerful elemental beings (forefathers of the djinn, some believe) known as the Vaati. Ruled by a warrior caste called the Wind Dukes of Aaqa, their empire spanned planes and worlds – shining exemplars of perfectly ordered society and the rule of Law. Their empire lasted millennia, until a powerful entity known as the Queen of Chaos arose and gathered a mighty army dedicated to shattering the Vaati and bringing entropy and ruin to all of creation. One by one, the protectorates of the Wind Dukes fell to the spreading chaos and the Vaati were overcome with despair. Seven of the mightiest Wind Dukes, however, undertook a great quest to discover a power that could stand up to the armies of the Queen of Chaos. Called the “Wandering Dukes,” these powerful immortals (Icosiol, Amophar, Darbos, Emoniel, Penader, Qadeej, and Uriel) traveled the length and breadth of the multiverse and returned at last with an artifact known as the Rod of Law.

At the Battle of Pesh (believed by Allustan to have occurred on the Material Plane, very near to Diamond Lake), the Rod was used to great effect, stemming at last the tide of the forces of chaos (sadly, a hollow, pyrrhic victory, at best – the Wind Duke Empire had already been effectively decimated). On the fields of Pesh, Qadeej struck the Queen of Chaos’ greatest general, Miska the Wolf Spider, with the Rod of Law and the resulting blast destroyed not only Miska and Qadeej, but the Rod itself, sundering it into seven fragments which vanished into the planar tides.

Many scholars believe that this was the origin of the legendary Rod of Seven Parts – an artifact whose pieces “call to each other” across the planes and work through mortals in an attempt to reunite.

It is believed that the Wind Dukes always buried their dead on the worlds where they fell, and historians claim (Allustan among them) that the great number of ancient, mysterious tombs that litter the Cairn Hills are likely burial sites for the greatest of the Wind Dukes who fell at the Battle.


Wind Dukes of Aaqa

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